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Renewable Energy Courses for Beginners – Why You Should Start Training

There is absolutely no doubt that renewable energy has become one of the fastest growing industries, and that this growth will inevitably continue.

In September, it was revealed that the share of renewable energy in electricity generation in the United Kingdom was 39%, almost two-fifths of the market, and is quickly rising to match that produced by fossil fuels, which now stands at 42%.

So, what does this mean for electricians?

Last year, the UK government announced plans to invest £90 billion into efforts toward achieving a net-zero nation and with this comes a huge opportunity in the sector, paving the way for the creation of jobs designed to fulfil these plans and the growing demand for these energies.

The increasing demand for renewable technologies means that the UK may need an additional 15,000 skilled electricians over the next few years, a study from the Electrotechnical and Skills Partnership (TESP) has found.

This study found that new technology including renewables, electrical vehicles and charging, and smart systems along with potential legislative changes regarding clean energy are forming the basis of change in the electrical and technological industries.

The growing awareness of low-carbon heat pumps as an alternative to fossil fuels for home heating has also received national attention over the last few years, which need skilled workers in order to be installed, particularly as gas boilers are hoped to be phased out.

In addition, Solar PV installation accounts for the biggest employer in renewable jobs globally, accounting for around 4 million. Solar Energy UK predicts that by 2030, the UK will need to have an installed 40 GW of solar power capacity, which today is marked at around 13-14 GW, and that over the coming decades, may create around 13,000 jobs in solar energy.

How can we reach this goal?

By training up more electricians to be capable of dealing with renewable energy demands and supporting existing electricians to advance their skillset and contribute to this sector.

How can Activate Trade Training Help?

If you’re an already qualified electrician looking to broaden your horizons, or a beginner looking for somewhere to start, Activate Trade Training has the course for you.

Our renewable courses are some of our most popular, including Solar PV Installation, Air Source Heat Pump Installation, and Electrical Vehicle Charging Installation, aimed at intermediate to advanced electricians hoping to widen their client base and the services they can offer.

If you’re a complete beginner, we offer Level 1-3 Diplomas in Electrical Installation, which give you the skills and knowledge you need to become a fully qualified electrician before you move onto renewable technologies.

You can pick which training location suits you best as you begin your journey into this rapidly developing industry, and you can book here:

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