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Your Next Move? A Renewable Energy Course in Electric Vehicle Charging Installations

As electric vehicles begin to overtake diesel and petrol vehicles in the future, it is vital that the UK has enough specialists trained in installing charging points for these vehicles. If you’ve been thinking of making the jump and taking on some extra training in order to add to your services, here is why you should.

The Electric Vehicle Market Is Growing

At the beginning of January 2022, the data company Zap-Map announced that in 2022, a record number of public electric vehicle chargers were installed in the United Kingdom.

There were more than 8,700 public chargers installed during the year which has brought the total available to over 37,000 in the UK. This represents a 30% year on year increase. Additionally, there was a 38% year on year annual growth in the sales of battery electric cars.

The UK government is also moving toward decarbonising its central car-fleet, confirming in late January 2023 that it has hit the target of switching a quarter of all its cars to ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV).

The government’s recently announced Electric Vehicle Smart Charging Action Plan is also planning to help move the market toward EVs, as this new plan intends to unlock the potential of smart electric vehicle charging, including allowing drivers to power their homes by using the electricity stored in their EV.

This means that drivers of EVs could save hundreds each year while also reducing emissions, potentially saving an average driver up to £200 and a high mileage driver up to £1000.

What Does This Mean?

This means that there will inevitably be a huge demand for people qualified to install chargers for the public’s electric vehicles, providing both public and private business opportunities.

EV Energy Taskforce also predicts that the UK will need between 250,000 and 661,000 extra EV charging points by 2035 to meet the demand as internal combustion vehicles are phased out.

It is clear that now is the time to get trained up in the skills needed to get involved in this lucrative and exciting industry.

How Activate Trade Training Can Help

Activate Trade Training has two extensive courses on electric vehicle charging installations –

– The City & Guilds Level 3 Electric Vehicle Charge Point Installation Qualification (2 days): day-course/

– The Level 3 Award in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation, a fully accredited OZEV-recognised qualification (1 day):

Our renewable courses are some of our most popular, also including Air Source Heat Pump Installation, and Solar PV Installation, aimed at intermediate to advanced electricians.

If you’re a complete beginner, we offer Level 1-3 Diplomas in Electrical Installation, which give you the skills and knowledge you need to become a fully qualified electrician before you can move onto learning about electric vehicle charging installations:
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