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Why a Renewable Course in Heat Pump Installations is a Good Move

If you’re a budding plumber, heat or gas engineer, or fully-trained and well into your career, you’ve probably heard a lot about air-source heat pumps and their impact on the energy sector. At the moment, the UK is planning the widespread implementation of heat pumps in domestic settings, making now the right time to get into their installation.

What is an air-source heat pump?

A heat pump is an electrically powered device which takes heat from the ground, water, or air around a building and increases it to a temperature that keeps homes and businesses warm inside. Air-source pumps suck in outdoor air and pass it over tubes containing refrigerant fluids to produce heat. While it uses electricity to do this, the quantity of heat delivered to a home is much greater than the quantity of electricity used to power the system, making it highly efficient.

Heat pumps are part of the UK’s future

The UK government currently has a target of installing 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028, which means that there will soon be an even greater demand for those qualified to install them.

According to The Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, if the UK had installed the same number of heat pumps as Estonia per 100,000 people, we would have used 34% less gas in 2022 than in 2021.

Additionally, the UK government is providing grants to some households for installing air-source heat pumps. With the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, homes in England and Wales can get up to £5,000 towards an air-source heat pump (one per household), or £6,000 for a ground source heat pump.

At the end of December 2022, the Energy Systems Catapult announced that their trial for heat pump installations received more than 8,800 applications for only 750 spaces, meaning it was more than 10 times oversubscribed.

This showcases how much of a difference can be made when we have the right tools and more importantly, the people, to install renewable energy sources. There is a clear desire in UK households to adopt renewable energies, resulting in a huge, almost untapped market for those capable of installing heat pumps.

Activate Trade Training and heat pumps

Activate Trade Training offers a Fully EAL accredited, MCS approved qualification which will allow you to design, install and maintain air-source heat pumps and access the funding available to customers and widen your client base. heat-pumps/

Our renewable courses are some of our most popular, as the future of energy is most certainly green.

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