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Make Sure You’re Prepared for the Renewable Revolution

There’s no denying that renewable energy is coming to take over the world just in the nick of time. Globally, we have goals of reaching net-zero emissions by 2030 and 2050 to help slow the effects of climate change and governments around the world are implementing different actions to ensure we reach them. From electric vehicles to green energy, electricians are in good standing to lead the charge to a world powered by renewables.

Energy consumption is an essential part of everyone’s everyday life and for a long time, we have been consuming more energy than we can produce and releasing harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Now, things need to change.

It’s not just people who are going green, but businesses, too. Almost everything you can think of will be either already transitioning to renewable energy or looking to in the near future. So, for electricians, there is no better time than now to upskill into the renewables space as there will be no shortage of work available.

The transition is sooner than you think…

The Future Homes Standard is a new set of regulations coming into effect in 2025 and means all new builds will produce 75-80% less carbon emissions than homes built under the old regulations. No new home built under this standard will be reliant on fossil fuels. It stands to reason that we can expect homes with heat pumps, solar panels, and electric vehicle chargers.

This standard will also include any new offices and shops built cutting down on emissions by 27%. Homes built beforehand will be subjected to higher standards.

The introduction of net-zero homes will be swiftly followed by the 2030 ban of all new petrol and diesel cars being sold in the UK. The sale of hybrid vehicles will be banned in 2035. This is so that the transition to all electric vehicles on the roads will happen faster. More and more drivers are making the switch to an electric vehicle for a head start and because they are the cheaper option with fuel prices skyrocketing.

In addition, we are seeing a boom in the solar energy sector with installations going strong in the first half of this year alone. As the UK faces the cost-of-living crisis, installing solar panels is fast becoming an attractive prospect to lower the cost of bills.

How Activate Trade Training can help you

We do mean it when we say there is no better time than now to upskill to renewables and we are here to help. We are offering a variety of courses (on) in renewables so you can break into this rapidly growing industry and lead the renewable revolution.

With Activate Trade Training, you can gain fully accredited, MCS and OZEV Approved qualifications in the Installation and Maintenance of Air Source Heat Pumps, Electric Vehicle Charge Points and Solar Panels.

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