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How to Benefit from the Solar Energy Boom

Solar energy is the next stop in the world’s net-zero energy transition. There are panels powering homes, businesses, and even a select few cities. This is all in the hopes of delivering on our net-zero promises in the Paris Agreement.

There’s more to it than helping the planet, as well. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the effect their choices have on the environment and when this is added to the current cost-of-living crisis and inflation, solar energy is being turned to as a cost-saving solution.

So, how will this incoming solar energy boom benefit electricians?

To put it simply, any person or business that would like to have access to solar energy needs to have them installed. This is where electricians come in. There is no solar energy without the skilled electricians to install them.

Consumer interest in renewables has been growing as a way to reduce carbon footprints, and as mentioned above, and save money. Data from Experian shows that about 1.9 million households intend to install solar panels or other renewable capabilities this year. This is a lot of potential work for electricians to get their hands on. In addition, the number of eBay searches for solar panels and solar power batteries increased by 54% and 134% respectively in June compared with same period last year.

This increased interest in solar power has led to many jobs being created across the country for fitters and electricians. However, there is always a need for more electricians to upskill into the solar energy industry as demand rises.

If you have a team of electricians, you might be looking for a way to grow your business, training your team in solar PV installations is a great way to do so. Adding the Solar Installer qualification to your current remit will provide opportunities to significantly grow your business.

The UK government are keen for consumers to switch to renewable energy, there are incentives in many areas. You may soon be using your solar panels to charge up your Electric Vehicle and pre-heat your water. The possibilities are endless and the incentives for you as a renewable installer are endless too.

How Activate Trade Training can help you

Activate Trade Training deliver the fully accredited MCS recognised qualification in Solar Panel Installation at our dedicated training centres close to the M1 and M25 and at our new centre in East London.

Our Solar PV installation course is one of our most popular so why not sign up for it today? Don’t get left behind by not upskilling into this lucrative and exciting industry. We are on hand to help you every step of the way.

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